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Friday – Managing Chronic Pain

What’s the difference between chronic and acute pain?  Essentially the distinction is made with the length of time the pain has continued for and the physiological processes at work. The following video is an excellent visual representation of the key points: In case you can’t watch the video, Justin Owen explains: Acute pain is what […]

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Thursday – Office & Desk Posture

Office Posture at work is one of the biggest causes of back and neck pain. Check your posture – bad posture can aggravate pain and it may have caused it in the first place. Justin Owen & Erik Inarra share their tips: 1. Adjust the monitor directly in front of you so the head does […]

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Wednesday – The Power of Massage

A thousand years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates believed that massage was the mother of all therapies. If you knock yourself you automatically rub the area which is exactly what massage does. What you need for muscular tension and pain is one that reaches far deeper. A daily shoulder massage does wonders to relax the […]

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Tuesday – Getting to the Core

Your core is a girdle of muscles in the centre of the body that plays a vital part in stabilising and preventing injury to the back. Imagine taking a tin from the top shelf in the supermarket. It’s easy to assume that the muscles you’d be using to do this would be the ones in […]

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Monday – The Value of Heat

My clinic gets much busier when the weather turns colder which is when most people find that their back pain gets worse. Mary, only 26, says: “I have a chronic upper back problem which is definitely exacerbated by the cold so I try to avoid going out or working in air-conditioned offices.” Sounds a bit […]

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