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Monday – The Value of Heat

My clinic gets much busier when the weather turns colder which is when most people find that their back pain gets worse.

Mary, only 26, says: “I have a chronic upper back problem which is definitely exacerbated by the cold so I try to avoid going out or working in air-conditioned offices.”mary-neck-pain

Sounds a bit drastic, no?hot-water-muscles

Garry says: “You have to be able to live your life. Having recently travelled to many Nordic countries to witness their use of sauna, hot water, jacuzzi and steam […], heat treatments can be of extreme benefit to people like Mary in counteracting the effects of muscular stresses and strains. If you can’t fit in a trip to the sauna, even a hot bath or shower can be very effective.”

What if yours is not a chronic problem but you have a more recent injury? Do you use ice or heat? Or both? Confused? Have a look at this link: Ice Heat Confusion

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