1 in 8 sick days are due to back pain. Your workstation is often the cause... Health & Safety Gone Mad?

Spinal Injuries at Zero m.p.h.

Ooh my aching back!

Sitting in a chair seems to be much less dangerous than playing rugby or sky-diving and yet this is where many people cause themselves pain and injury.

Office workers can spend up to a 3rd of their lives sitting at a desk hunched up, hands hovering over a keyboard, neck craning at a screen.

The body – which is designed for flowing, graceful movement and in fact thrives and is kept healthy by that movement – struggles to cope.  Uncomfortable postures get repeated day after day and slowly lead to discomfort and pain.

We osteopaths at the Garry Trainer clinic see a lot of office workers complaininavoid spinal damage, neck pain and back paing of spinal and shoulder pain caused by office posture, which is why we often try to target it at source – with Healthy Desk Posture Self-Assessment  By giving advice at the desk on little things like screen and seat height and simple exercises that encourage some movement over the course of the day we can avoid you needing to see us at the clinic.

Usually only small adjustments need to be made and, in the same way that the small habits of bad posture cause problems over the long term, with these small adjustments it is hoped we can also bring benefit in the long term.

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