“Garry has been treating me for over 10 years and it’s not too much to say that during that period he has – on many occasions – saved if not my life, then certainly my sanity and certainly my ability to work. He’s much more than an osteopath, he’s a healer.”
-- Emma Thompson

Dr. Hilary Jones

“I’ve been to Garry as a patient myself and have also referred many people to him. I’m a firm believer in osteopathy. In the hands of a skilled practitioner like Garry, I truly believe that for many types of back pain, osteopathy is a better line of treatment than conventional medicine. He has a wealth of knowledge and tremendous experience in treating back pain. If anyone knows about how the back works and how to fix it, it’s Garry Trainer.”

David Thomas, Oxfordshire

After suffering froom chronic back pain for 2 years, to the extent that I couldn’t stand up. A well known actress friend of mine recommended Garry.

As anyone with back pain knows, you are desperate for the relief, the cure. I arrived at the clinic in Primrose Hill literally on all fours doubled up with pain in the back of a black cab and left it after an hour, walking like a normal man.

I cannot commend Garry’s unique treatment enough.

Gwyneth Paltrow

“Garry is an amazing healer, often able to correct things that no one else can. His technique of mixing acupuncture with osteopathy brings about a deep sense of emotional well being coupled with terrific physical results. At the end of a treatment one feels entirely put back together. I rely on Garry heavily to get me through any difficult period, physical, emotional or otherwise.”

Mrs F Ross, London

I had suffered from a prolapsed disc, went to 3 Harley/Wigmore Street practitioners and ended up in more agony than I was before. Somebody recommended Garry Trainer to me and I had also read about him in a magazine. Within only 3 sessions with him the pain had gone and my mobility was back. Having wasted literally thousands of pounds with the Harley Street pretenders, what a relief it was to encounter Garry’s treatment.

Dr. Edwin C. Moses

(Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist – 1976, 1984)

“Over the course of my professional career, I have had to make numerous choices as to who should be allowed to “work on the engine”, my one and only asset; my body.

Looking back over the last 34 years, there are only 4 individuals that I would trust without hesitation, to give me guidance, and to help keep me in the best possible physical condition.

I first met Garry in 2003 through a referral, due to a long-standing back injury that I had suffered in 1986. Over the last 7 years he has treated me on many occasions, and my chronic back pain has diminished by over 80%.

Understanding the intricate forces and dynamics of the human body is quite easily studied and understood theoretically, but it is only those few perceptive professionals that are able to truly bring relief and a positive prognosis to their patients.

Garry’s hands-on approach is absolutely one of the best that I have experienced. His multi-discipline analysis of the human body, and how to relieve the pain we get from misusing our bodies, is exacting and direct.

From a former competitor’s point of view, Garry’s having had the experience of dealing with injuries that would put an Olympian out to pasture, can but be a blessing to anyone he treats.

Believe me, with Garry you are in great hands.”

Sean Fitzpatrick

(ex All-Blacks Captain)

“When we first came to live in the UK I met Garry at a function, and as I needed a good osteopath, thought I would give him a go. He has been amazing, and his knowledge of the human body is unbelievable.

Having played rugby for many years it is important that now I am retired I continue to keep the muscles supple and joints moving!

Garry is just the man for that!”

Sir Antony Sher

“I have been treated by Garry Trainer since 1985 when the Royal Shakespeare Company recruited him to maintain my fitness and to help avoid injury during the punishing run of Richard III.

I have gone to him, on and off ever since. His skills are remarkable – he has ‘healing hands’, if that doesn’t sound too pretentious and he is especially good at working with performers. When we get injured, we need people to understand that we can’t take time off work – rest is not an option.

I have seen Garry achieve quite extraordinary results, most remarkable when an actor injured his foot badly at a first preview of an RSC show, and yet was able with Garry’s help, to walk without a limp, and dance, a few nights later for the opening of the show. Apart from being splendid at his work, Garry is a nice guy too. He’s someone you can turn to for help, and the help he gives is of a very high standard indeed!”

Emma Thompson

“Garry has been treating me for over 10 years and it’s not too much to say that during that period he has – on many occasions – saved if not my life, then certainly my sanity and certainly my ability to work. He’s much more than an osteopath, he’s a healer.”

Stella McCartney

“Garry Trainer works amazing wonders with his hands!”

Sir Derek Jacobi

“Garry Trainer is simply the best there is. Minor or major pain is relieved with expertise, care, charm and efficiency. He has eased my aching muscles, straightened me when bent double, cured limps, twitches and strains, and no, the needles don’t hurt!”

Sir Paul McCartney

“Garry has been pummelling me for years and I still live to tell the tale!
He’s a cool dude!”

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