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The Garry Trainer Story

“Top Back Specialist”, Garry Trainer D.O., B.Ac, begins practice in George V Spa

What do The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal National Theatre, Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jnr, Jude Law, Brad Pitt, Colin Jackson, Emma Thompson, Robbie Williams, George Michael, Lisa Snowdon, Kevin Spacey, Derek Jacobi, Imelda Staunton and Sir Paul McCartney all have in common?

The answer is they have all suffered from back pain and are just a few of a growing number of celebrated clients  that turn to Garry Trainer for treatment – recognised  by The Times newspaper as “Britain’s Top Back Specialist”

Garry, a proud New Zealander at heart has been practising in the UK for over 30 years. He is recognised as a pioneer and one of the foremost practitioners of complementary therapy – massage, acupuncture and osteopathy (the MAO™ technique) – with clinics in Harley Street, Mayfair and Primrose Hill in London, Cardiff and now in the George V Spa in Doha.

A Sporting Life Ends:  A Healing Life begins

In his teens, Garry was a superb sportsman, particularly in surfing and rugby. But his career was cut short at 17; his back was nearly broken in a terrible rugby accident. When he came round in hospital the first thing he saw was a wheelchair next to his bed.   Doctors confirmed his injuries were serious and that he might not walk again. But Garry didn’t give up. After 18 months in recovery he reconsidered his future, got back to his feet and realised that being mobile and free of pain could be the most important thing in life. He first trained as a nurse at Auckland General Hospital and then came to the UK in the late 70s.  He studied acupuncture at The London School of Chinese Medicine and osteopathy at The Andrew Stills College of Osteopathy.  Impressed at how these treatments had helped him with the recurring back pain following his accident, he decided with the zeal of a convert that others should benefit too.

The Garry Trainer MAO™ Technique Pain Relief Programme

Garry believes his success has been based on combining Massage, Osteopathy and Acupuncture with conventional diagnostic techniques. Garry believes that, in combination or in isolation, Massage,  Acupuncture and Osteopathy can treat a host of ailments successfully without resorting to medication and feels proud of the fact that he has had many successful results where conventional medicine has failed. Garry says:  ‘Osteopathy and acupuncture are recognised and acknowledged complementary therapies. They really work. 20 years ago, these therapies were viewed with scepticism and doubt. There’s been a massive sea change. I’ve experienced it and am proud to be at the forefront of changing perceptions and pioneering these treatments which really do make a difference to people’s everyday lives and well-being.’


Hippocrates said that ‘Massage is the mother of all therapies and should be a cornerstone of any good clinic’. Garry offers deep tissue, sports and massage for relaxation.  Massage can be inconsistent and standards vary. What he guarantees is consistency of effectiveness.


Acupuncture is a drug-free way to relieve pain and is surprisingly relaxing. The insertion of fine acupuncture needles is usually painless. If you are needle-phobic, there are other ways to stimulate the acu-points – electricity, heat, laser or fingertip pressure may be used. As it is so gentle, acupuncture is an ideal treatment choice for the elderly.


Osteopathy is a hands-on manual therapy technique concentrating on the spine and other joints of the body. The underlying premise of osteopathy is that structure governs function. If the structure is twisted or compressed the blood and nerve supply to every organ and function of the body is impeded causing a host of ailments

Garry has also written and published two books; “The No-Nonsense Guide to a Healthy Back” and “Back Chat – the Ultimate Guide to Healing and Preventing Back Pain”.  Now living in Marlow, England, Garry divides his time between five clinics; three in London, one at The Vale Hospital, Cardiff and now at the George V Spa in Doha, Qatar.


Often people get down off my table, liberated from their pain. Treatment is instinctive to me. I just listen carefully to my patients and follow with my instincts to come up with what is required. I suppose I’m a bespoke practitioner. No two treatments are the same. It’s a very rewarding and satisfying feeling to be able to help others who are suffering and in pain.

Garry Trainer, Doha, 28th January 2012

UK Back Statistics

18 millionBack pain affects 7 out of 10 people and is more common between the ages of 35 – 55
5 millionBack pain causes up to 5 million lost working days per year in the UK alone
£5 billionThe cost of treating back pain per year, including medical costs, business and the economy in the UK alone

 ‘My approach is an exceptional combination acting upon the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems and acts as a natural source of pain relief releasing endorphins (which have a similar chemical structure and effect as morphine) therefore bypassing the need for many conventional drugs.’

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