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Thursday – Office & Desk Posture

Office Posture at work is one of the biggest causes of back and neck pain. Check your posture – bad posture can aggravate pain and it may have caused it in the first place. Justin Owen & Erik Inarra share their tips:

1. Adjust the monitor directly in front of you so the head does not move and stand straight.desk-posture1

2. Do not hold the phone between the head and the shoulder, use your hands or phone holder.

3. Use the chair with arm rests to support the forearms, with relaxed shoulders.

4. Adjust the height of the chair so you can keep your feet on the floor.

5. Have a look at this handy 2-page PDF

6. Keep your back aligned to the chair and make sure that your chair has a lower back support; if not, put a pillow.

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