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Wednesday – The Power of Massage

neck-pain-in-xrayA thousand years ago, the Greek physician Hippocrates believed that massage was the mother of all therapies.

If you knock yourself you automatically rub the area which is exactly what massage does.

What you need for muscular tension and pain is one that reaches far deeper. A daily shoulder massage does wonders to relax the back. Why not strike shoulder-massage-1a deal with your partner that you’ll both spend 5 minutes each day massaging each others’ shoulders? Learning to give a good massage isn’t difficult and most people already have an intuitive feel for it.

When it’s your turn to be the masseur, close your eyes and allow your fingers to lead you to the points of tension and ask your partner for feedback as to where it hurts. When you find a tender area, apply gentle pressure for a few seconds, then release, then kneading with thumbs and fingers.

If you find this enjoyable this and want to learn more, come and check out the Couple’s Back Massage Course taught by Garry.

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