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Ayurvedic Massage Therapy – Abhyanga

The philosophy in Ayurveda, the ancient health system of India, is being balanced and in tune with body, mind and soul. The aim of Abhyanga is to restore energy, nourish the nervous system and calm the mind. The application of warm sesame oil nurtures and rejuvenates. Abhyanga’s are the perfect way to ease of stress and strain of a hectic life style, the gentle technique moves deep into the body to allow full relaxation.

Each massage can be used as a classic treatment protocol in conjunction with a health consultation or only for giving your mind and body some recharge time.

Siddah Marma Massage

Siddha is an almost forgotten healing system of Indian origin.

Stemming from a rehabilitation practice of marshal arts soldiers, Siddha Marma are 107 acupressure points which can be used to treat pain, stagnation in organs and emotional blockages. Marma means the junction of muscle, vessels, bones, ligaments or tendons, where the five elements meet. Using all 107 Marma points in one massage will open up all energy channels and let them flow again in full vitality. On the other hand it can be used as a individual treatment to address blockages.

Western Herbal Medicine – Health consultations

Herbal treatments are very supportive towards chronic conditions, auto-immune conditions and can be also used as a preventive treatment in form of a detox. In the Health

In the Health consultation, we will go on a journey to find the root cause of the presenting symptoms. Combining a detailed health story, tongue picture, pulse and signs of the Iris (Iridology). I will then create a unique treatment plan which will include beneficial lifestyle choices, diet and your very own herbal prescription.

The consultation will take you on the path to rediscover your body and what it is trying to tell you. Using the tools of Herbs and Naturopathy the body can start healing itself again.

Treatment list – Massage:

Classic Abhyanga – Full Body – 60- 90min

Shiroabhyanga – Indian Head Massage and Face – 45min

Combo 1 Abhyanga – Back/legs and head- 60min

Combo 2 Abhyanga – Full body and head – 60min

Abhyanga City – office tension release – 60min

Siddha Marma 107 – Full body – 120min

Siddah Marma You – specially created massage for your need – 45 -60min


Treatment list – Health Consultation:

Health Consultation – 60min

Follow up Consultation – 45min

Health Consultation and Massage – 120min


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