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About Garry Trainer D.O. B.Ac.

As a global pioneer of complementary therapies, Garry Trainer is recognised as one of the highest profile back and neck pain specialists in the world with 40 years clinical experience.

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The principal of osteopathy is that structure governs function. Any compromised structure in the body will equate to inefficient and painful function and mobility . Osteopathy addresses the skeletal system, all joints of the body and the soft tissues surrounding them. Back and neck pain is the most common condition treated effectively with osteopathy.


Garry trained in traditional Chinese acupuncture - 8 Conditions and the 5 Elements - but is at the forefront of modern understanding and usage of acupuncture, particularly dry needling. It has been proven that acupuncture releases neuro- chemicals that modulate pain perception. It also stimulates blood supply and improves circulation. Acupuncture is a brilliant way to relax the soft tissues around any joint before manipulation.


Hippocrates stated that 'massage is the mother of all therapies.' It is a hands on technique to ease muscular tension and improve circulation and function throughout the body. It is not a sequence of strokes but an amazing way to feel the muscular system, find trigger points and tender points of pain to be eased. Massage improves circulation which brings nutrients to the area and also flushes toxins away.

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Garry treats in a number of select locations in London and the Home Counties during the week and home visits by appointment.

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