• Celebrating 40 Years in practice with Garry Trainer D.O. B.Ac.

About Garry Trainer

The renowned holistic health expert

About Garry Trainer

With a compassionate approach and personalised treatments, Garry has helped countless patients achieve optimal health and transform their lives, bringing them back to pain-free mobility.

How Garry Works

At initial consultation, Garry establishes a positive diagnosis. Using his intuition, knowledge and 40 years of experience in treatment and his unique and highly effective combination of osteopathy, acupuncture and massage, patients find pain eased, mobility restored and a deep sense of well-being.



Initially, it is of paramount importance to ascertain a positive diagnosis so that I know exactly what we are dealing with. If scans or other diagnostic treats are required, I have access to the top specialists and diagnositc services available and I can get you to the right person or service immediately.



Once diagnosis is established, the most appropriate treatment will be applied. In the world of physical medicine, the combination of osteopathy, acupuncture and massage is hard to beat.



Once pain is relieved, rehabilitation, stretches and strengthening exercises are employed to regain suppleness and mobility.

About Garry Trainer
D.O. B.Ac.
Garry Trainer D.O. B.Ac, cited by The Times as 'Britain's Top Back Care Specialist,' has been practising his unique combination of osteopathy, acupuncture and massage for over 40 years and has the support of many A-list performers from the world of entertainment and sport.

Patients include Sir Lewis Hamilton, Justin Bieber, Sir Paul and Stella McCartney, Dame Emma Thompson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elite Athletes and Premiership Football teams and is a regular contributor to TV, radio, online and print media, being one of ITV This Mornings regular health experts. Garry's pioneering treatment works deeply on the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems which must work in harmony, to produce and maintain pain free and efficient movement.

Osteopathy, acupuncture and massage are hugely therapeutic by themselves in the process of healing pain, but when used in combination they unlock stubborn pain syndromes, which can provide immediate results and tangible relief. Science has proven that acupuncture releases neurochemicals called endorphins (which have a similar chemical structure to morphine) that produces a unique, powerful pain relieving and relaxing effect and so is highly effective in relieving anxiety, depression, insomnia, in de-stressing and one of its best applications is when used post travel to treat jet lag and wind down.

Garry's area of speciality is in the treatment of back and neck pain which can manifest in a variety of ways. Some back pain is relieved by movement while other forms of back pain is aggravated by it, so it's of paramount importance to find out exactly what sort of back pain you have. Treatment can be used to maintain function to keep things going or restore function when things are broken down.

With Garry's combination approach, he can treat both chronic and acute back and neck pain. Garry firstly establishes a positive diagnosis, then provides treatment to relieve pain followed by bespoke stretches and strengthening exercises to prevent reoccurrence.

Garry is one of the most experienced and sought after acupuncturists currently practising in the world and uses it to treat a host of everyday conditions including migraine, headaches, neuralgia, joint pain and arthritis.


Garry Trainer on TV

Garry is recognised as one of the foremost spokesperson for complementary medicine, specialising in back and neck pain.

Over the years Garry has taken every opportunity to promote the merits of complementary medicine in the media and is a regular face on TV, speaking on the radio and being a regular contributor to the Daily Mail's Health Section.

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